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Attachments is Hydraulically Operated Attachment that used for handling the Sugar cane loading/Un-loading. It is connected with Mounted Crane as attachment. That Crane Mount on a Tractor and it is capable for lifting the load up to 6 meter from the ground Level. It can be used for multipurpose handling, Loading and Un-loading purpose like wooden log Grabbing.

Straight Boom Truck Mounted Crane

By integrating a truck and a crane into a single unit, our clients have experienced a dramatic increase in operational efficiency.They have been able to reduce their dependancy on scheduling different machines (often from different contractors). Now when a delivery has to be made, the truck comes and does the loading and unloading itself. No waiting for another crane or extra labour.

360° Movable Crane

Since the crane provides 360° continues full circle movement, it is very easy to load and unload bricks or blocks in that diameter area

Easy and Safe Operation

Operation is vey easy and safe through levers, Thus the truck driver itself can operate the crane very easily

The truck can travel at a maximum speed of 60 Km/hr

While during the transportation of the truck Crane, The truck crane can easily travel at a maximum speed of 60 km/hr through the roads

Top Seat Operation

The Brick Handling Crane Comes with a top placed operator seat which provides a clear and better visibility to the operator while loading or unloading the bricks

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