SugarCane Grabber



Attachments is Hydraulically Operated Attachment that used for handling the Sugar cane loading/Un-loading. It is connected with Mounted Crane as attachment. That Crane Mount on a Tractor and it is capable for lifting the load up to 6 meter from the ground Level. It can be used for multipurpose handling, Loading and Un-loading purpose like wooden log Grabbing.

Advantages of SugarCane Grabber

The technically advanced of SugarCane Grabber is extremely versatile for loading & unloading at respective place.
SugarCane Grabber is a multipurpose attachment and it’s also used for wooden logs loading and unloading purpose.
Time saving due to 360 Degrees rotation and also Reduce labour requirement.
High efficiency due to versatile operation.
Simple and safe method of operation because of synchronised function of the clamping arms.

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