Manufacturing Facilities

The heart of CCE

We have two main facilitated plants in Haryana, for the manufacturing of the EOT Cranes, Hoist, fabrications , grab buckets and other components.

Plant I - Ballabgarh

Plot no.:122-129, Jhajharu Road, Sector 59, Ballabgarh Faridabad-121004

  •   Covered area of 53000 sq ft approx consisting of plant and building area.
  •   Plant area:
    • Working shed area for fabrication,manufacturing, assembly, & Testing Facilities (42,074 sq ft approx).
    • Plant bays: 4 Nos., Each about 15x90 Metres
  •   Building area: A total of 4 floors (each ~8,800 Sq ft), consisting:
    • Stores in the Basement
    • Machine shop on the ground floor
    • Sub-assembly and drilling shop on Ist floor
    • Office on the IInd floor
  •   Load Test Pit (2 Nos.) having size of 12 x 4 x 3.5 Metres
  •   Special testing facility: Movable & Fixed Gantry to check the LT Mechanism of the EOT cranes as well.
  •    Other areas like garden, power-house etc.(1520sq ft.approx.)

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Materials Handling Equipments

# Description Quantity
1 SG EOT Crane 5-Ton 4 Nos.
2 DG EOT Crane 15-Ton( Low Headroom’s Cranes) 3 Nos.
3 3-Ton SG EOT Crane/ DG Crane 4/11 Nos.
4 30-Ton D/G EOT Crane 1 No.
5 2-Ton JIB Crane 3 Nos.
6 Goods Lift 1 No.

Plant II - Prithla

Prithla Dhudhola Road, Prithla-121102

  •   The covered area of 46,518 sq ft. consisting of:
    • 4 bays for shops and stores
    • Small Fabrication sheds
    • Testing Facilities and offices
  •   Load Test Pit ( 2 Nos.) having size of 9.7 Meter x 4 Meter x 3.5 Meter:.

Materials Handling Equipments

# Description Quantity
1 30-ton DG EOT Crane 2 Nos.
2 15-ton DG EOT Crane( Low Headroom’s Cranes) 2 Nos.
3 5-ton S/G EOT Crane 6 Nos.

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Machine Shop Facility

Available for Plant I - Ballabgarh & Plant II - Prithla

Plant - I : Machine shop, drilling shop area ~8,800 sq. ft., CNC plasma machine shop area ~2000 sq/ ft. & other production assembly machines are available along side bays.

List of Available Plant & Machinery

   Horizontal Boring Machine- CJ International (WMW)    Lathe Machine for maintenance & Rectification    Magnetic Tapping Machine with adjustable Angles, 40 mm (Taiwan make)
   Plano Miller Machine- Gautam Industries    Angle Grinder AG7    Tig attachment, Pug cutting machine
   CNC Turning Machine 450 Ф x 1750 mm    Bench Grinder BG9    Compressor for Painting -15HP
   CNC Turning Machine 200 Ф    Buffing Grinder BG7    Compressor
   Lathe 6'    Flexible Grinder    Sand Blasting Machine(portable)
   Lathe 8'    Plano Meter 4 M x 1.5 M (Hitachi make)    CNC Plasma cutting Machine 16M x 4M Bed, up to 25mm plate cutting
   Lathe 12'    Pug Cutting Machine    Dead Load up to 0.5 Tons to 200 Tons
   Lathe 16'    Gas cutting pug machine    Deflection measuring gauge
   MITR (Precision Milling)    Gas Cutting Set    Generator 250 KVA
  Milling Machine   Profile Cutting Machine   Slotter Machine
  Shapper 26" Stroke   Plate Bending M/C   Radial Drill 2"
  Radial Drill 1 ½"   Pedestal Drill 1"   Pedestal Drill ½"
  Magnet Drill Machine   Hand Drill Machine   Angle Grinder AG9
  Profile cutting up to 1100mm   Mig Welding Set   Rectifier Welding Set
  Arc Welding Rectifier   Arc Welding Set   Hydraulic press with 2 mtr with 2 mtr curvature 450T for fixing of Gear boxes
  Hydraulic press 250T   Power press 70T   Brake press 3.5 M Bed 300T CNC
  Hydraulic press Horizontal for Drum fixing   Generator 5 KVA   Measuring tape- 30 M/5M/3M/1M
  Steel scale – 1 M   Steel scale – 600 M   Steel scale – 300 M
  Distance measuring laser instrument Hilti   Hydraulic Power Hacksaw

Others Quality Control Equipments which are not a part of the above list are outsourced from the Government Certified Labs i.e. Acro Labs, Shuvam Labs etc.

Packing & Dispatch

Available for Plant I - Ballabgarh & Plant II - Prithla

  •   Packing & dispatch plays a vital role in delivering the product at client's site. We at Century Crane Engineers Pvt. Ltd., cater to in-house packing facility for exports and indigenous material.
  •   As Proper material handling during transportation can only be achieved through best packaging and dispatch facilities. Through proper Road worthy packaging's we avoid any delays in commissioning or damages during transit saving time and cost of project for the customer.

Final Painting and Cleaning shop for better Paint Quality!

Making the Sub assemblies ready for final Painting after Welding, Machining.

Quality Standards

Biggest Strength of CCE

  •   Strict follow of ISO quality standards requires precision and finally the smallest & biggest component assembly which will be delivered by the machine shops, delivered in time. With aim to deliver in time & quality product we own our M/c shops, strictly controlled by quality standards and check at every stage of components right from raw material till the final assembly stages.
  •   Quality has played a vital role in ensuring M/s Century Crane Engineers its name & brand with its customers allover India/ Foreign without compromising quality.We buy genuine raw material, Boughtout components duly checked and certified with Test certificates which are checked with component at 100% precision.We have strict inflow, in process and outgoing inspections to deliver the outgoing product as a quality product with zero failure rate.